Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday morning

It's a ugly morning well afternoon out. dreary and was raining when I first woke up. I'm wanting to go home but I still haven't taken my new inhailer due to not remembering what the Dr. had told me on how to do it...So I'm sitting here irritated for sure...waiting for the Dr. to call me back...I had enough of Mom's house and would really like to go home to see my own. clean out my refrigerator etc....and I'm sure the birds cage needs cleaning Vee only feeds them and it's has to be to dirty poor babies...I'm
I have to get going ... It's funny I come to Mom's house and I get stuck here and never return home...that's not so good... well I would have been home if it wasn't for getting sick and then being nerves...the worst is these silly panic attacks... Yesterday I found a new blog and to my surprise as I read down she had gotten panic attacks just this year... I felt so bad because I understand how it feels and what it does to your life... but you can get better and it does... My oldest daughter is experiencing the same thing... the last three days she has been having does get a little bit better as months go by and you learn and understand whats happening to you... I have three years now don't have as many but I still have fear inside me... Like with the new medicine... it causes you to not want to live at times... because it is so difficult each and every day... But we have to keep strong and trust in the Father above to help us maintain it... I feel that's where my biggest help came from believing in him... Trusting in him... and reading and study the bible helped as well... learning that our Father above knows and understands all that we endure...
Love written in the heart applies to having that love for our Father above and his son Jesus Christ....
So don't let everything bring you down...keep trusting in him and you will be giving what you are needed....


  1. I too have suffered from panic attacks over the years. I learned to rethink my life & how to react to stressors. It wasn't easy but I did it & I have not had any in years now. You can do it.....
    Feel free to email me if you would like to "talk"!!
    Happy Holidays!!
    p.s. I just love the beautiful blues of your blog header & background!!

  2. I agree, that faith can really help when one has feelings of anxiety or when one is down. I think we all have our battles in life we have to go through, but is nice knowing we are not alone :)
    Take care, I hope the doctor calls back soon..