Friday, October 7, 2011

Phew..finally ...

Good morning, it's been busy. Lots of things to do with Mom and me. I went to cut my hair yesterday I finally decided I wanted it cut. I had took Mom to the Lawyer's because she is finally getting her affairs together thank the Lord and Father above. Well we went to lunch at the Veitnesse Restaurant to eat Barbecue Pork Rice Stick noodle soup.. so yummy. Anyhow as we were walking back to the car we past a place to cut hair and two Asian women and one man was there and I walked in and I asked how much she said 16 for Vee and 15 for I asked mom if she wanted to get her's cut too she said yes. So I paid for all three of us..It was exciting the woman had very nice hair cuts. So I told the Lady I wanted mine just her's. I just love it. I'm so so happy I got it cut she did a wonderful job.

The back runs short to my hair line. It feels so great. I can't even explain it to you.

I just feel great, except for all the weight that I gained so going to get busy again. At least of the food part. With my neck off I don't think I can do much exercise rite now. I'm in great need of the chiropractor..So how I have misplaced the cake recipe...yesterday I thought I had put it into my bag and now I can not find it..o I'm ever so irritated with that...I will look for it and hopefully find it soon. We went to the Good Will yesterday afternoon I told Mom I couldn't take it anymore. I had anxiety from I found some nice blue and white coffee cups and a medium size blue and white Planter and a nice piece of pink corduroy material haven't decided what to do with it though... they don't have the things Saver's had but it was okay. O I also found later another red gold Chinese flower pot and two Royal Albert tea cups but not the saucers and that's okay with me. I'm going to do something not sure what either with them. Lets see and I found a nice curtain pull...a large one..I love them. I have a few now. I also found this little sage green Victorian glass slipper very cute.. I will take pictures later on at home. I can't believe the weekend is here already can you. We had storm weather the other day, it rained and the wind blew yesterday it rained with the sun out and then the sun left and it rained. I don't know whats wrong with our weather now a days. Well it's 5.a.m. I couldn't sleep here at Mom's house for some reason. I got a few hours then got up. Vee has teacher conference today ... I'm gonna be dead. Well I wish you a wonderful day...and A great weekend..with love Janice....

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