Monday, October 3, 2011

Nice weekend and You....

Helo Good morning friends, I had a great weekend, cleaned my dinning room well dusted it all my nick much Sunday was a great day I made the Lemon Cake from scratch and had my oldest son and his wife and Yuliana over, boy she is getting so chubby and spoiled rotten. lol..I told my son your gonna be sorry later., he's like Mom I started telling her no already..but the great grandma who takes care of her sings to her and talks to her and she gets total attention. O well. she got the fastest little cheeks kissed them up. I also made Salsa Verde Carnitas I made it in the Crock Pot..It turned out great. I hadn't made it in along time.

Salsa verde (Green sauce)
1 pound tomatillos (known in Mexico as tomate verde), husks removed
1 whole chiles Serrano,2 Jalapenos depending on your tolerance for picante (spiciness)
1 medium white onion,
1 clove garlic (optional)
1 medium bunch fresh cilantro, largest stems removed
Sea salt to taste
5 Potatoes cut to large cubes
One large pork butt.
One Crock Pot and skillets and a blender
Wash and clean tomatillos, chiles,

In a black skillet, put tomatillos chilles, garlic on medium heat blacken all... turning around.

When all is done cut tomatillos in half taking off the part where the stem is. peel garlic and clean chiles out I take out the seeds. Add a small piece of raw onion to it. Put all in blender and puree adding cilantro and salt to taste.
okay thats your chili verde.
In another skillet add some oil and several slices of onion and brown it up till almost black.
Now take your pork butt or whatever you use. ( You can even use pork chops) salt and pepper it and in another black skillet on a medium high heat brown it on all sides. Then turn on your Crock pot and put the Pork Butt inside. And add your Chili Verde and your blacken onion slices....I cooked it on High for four to five hours. The hour add your potato cubes let cook....
Serve with rice n yummy everyone loved it.

This photo is when I just finished all that above..I got so busy yesterday after I forgot to take more pictures...

Well I be darn, I forgot to save the lemon cake tomorrow when I come back to Mom's I will post it..It turned out lovely everyone really like it. well my friends I wish you a grand day today much love Janice

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  1. I spent part of Saturday baking too.... It rained all day & was cold so it kept the kitchen nice & warm!!