Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Exciting MOrning...

O my it's been an exciting morning...I won the give away from Marilyn Our Victorian Cottage...I couldn't believe it..I was shocked when I logged is such a beautiful doily and I had seen it and thought I wish I could crochet that...such excitement indeed..can wait to receive them...Thank you Marilyn...

just so thrilled I can't even tell you..........So let me tell you what I been doing. Last nite I made my own was wonderful and challenging.
I started by making my own sauce. I used two Italian sweet sausage 1/4 onion a large clove of garlic. I lightly sauteed the onion minced the garlic and added it. Then I opened up the sausage and took tiny pieces out letting it all fry up.. when it was almost done I added some dried Oregano that I rubbed through my hands. Then I added almost a full large can of crushed tomato and then I added a tablespoon and a half of sugar to make it sweet...let it simmer for a while...then we went on to the pasta making..what a job but I loved it.

I started with my well...It was 3/4 cups of flour to one I used four of the 3/4 cups and four eggs.... you put the four eggs in a well and start kind of scrabbling the egg grabbing the flour from the sides as you go till you mixed it all. I had to push some of the flour with my hand inward. when finished you start kneading the dough for about 7 minutes or so till you have a firm ball of dough. You then cover with plastic and let rest room temp for the whole 30 mins.

After the resting you unwrap and flatten with the palm of your hand then start rolling it out on a lightly floured surface til its 1/8 inch. turning over and slightly flouring it..once rolled out to the desired thickness. You can either cut strip with a roller or like I did because I didn't have one roll up the pasta to a log and cut strips with a sharp knife. I must of deleted my photo of it..sorry.. well here is the picture of them after I cut them, I undid them dusted them with flour so they wouldn't stick, make sure you roll that dough out to then smallest 1/8 cause they puff up when cooked. I should have rolled the dough I know. Cook in a large pot of salted water..then strain. add to sauce and serve..I love it even though it was a little bit thick. not to sure about how long to cook it cause I didn't cook mine enough the recipe said they cook faster than dry but I think because mine were thin enough they all didn't cook completely..

It is a lot of work but I really enjoyed it. You should try it. Maybe you will like it to.



  1. Hi Janice,
    Congrats on your win from the talented Marilyn. You will love her doilies.

    Oh your sauce and pasta look so yummy. I am Italian and of course come from a family who made homemade pasta and sauce all the time. Before my grandma and mom had an electric pasta cutter, they did it the old fashion way but cutting the long stripes like you did. I rememer growing up with pasta drying on the bed in long stripes on towels. It is the best ever. Nothing like store bought.
    I know yours was delicious too.
    You know you can freeze the dried pasta and place in boxes in the freezer. It lasts great this way.

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment and new following. I have so enjoyed my visit and it was so nice to meet you.

    Celestina Marie XO

  2. Oh how cute, it's a bunch of pretty little dresses!! :-) Congratulations on winning the giveaway!
    Your homemade pasta looks wonderful!!

  3. Congrats on winning the give wonderful! :) Your home-made pasta looks really yummy!
    Enjoy your cup of tea :)

  4. Thank you so much ladies..I really enjoy you coming by and leaving such lovely comments...hugs