Saturday, April 28, 2018

The day of transformation mamas kitchen

🌷🍃Good early morning everyone...
I can barely see out the window it is 5:30 am..  this is the big day that they come to tear down the rest of the deck.  Clean the garden out.  Paint the cabinets and the kitchen and the hallway and the front of the house.  I thank my heavenly Father for this day.  Things will look much cleaner around here.  It is so exciting.  Though I’m a tad sad because the flooring was suppose to be done and all of a sudden yesterday they said no.  So I was sadden by this news.  Though I’m totally grateful for what they are doing and have already done.  Its all been very trying.  Because your hopes are up and then drop in a minute.  Up and down.  I been here at mamas stripping trim cleaning out stuff moving things from the kitchen to down stairs we still had a few daily items.  But it all had to be removed for todays events...  I’m beat everyone my hands back and everything hurts.  I been pushing myself scrubbing down cabinets to be painted trying to help as much as I can.  
🌷🍃This was the amazing sky at mamas yesterday morning, I felt as God sent it straight to me.  I’ve seen many beautiful sunrises and sunsets from the deck here.  Now the is almost gone.  But I have a window that they put in.  So I can still see besides the two large windows..
🌷🍃Look at these two amazing jars that I found in the basement...  I cleaned them up last night.  The one on the right I’ve never seen before.  It is a light aqua so pretty... I’m in love with them..
🌷🍃.....And just look at these pretty lids from Pioneer woman on them... I was so excited I had just them in the mail.  And was extremely happy that they fit on them...  When I first started cleaning I found a whole box of aqua mason jars I intend to put them in the large windows...  its so hard at times to believe this little ole cottage is mine..  and finally there will be after all these years a kitchen.  I feel half numb can someone pinch me, no not really.. hehe....  I still struggle with saying it is my house.  I suppose in my heart it will always be mamas house.  But we are about to be seven generations soon.  And I’m so proud of that.  I know mama would be so happy.  She hasbeen heavily on my mind the last few days.  Wondering how she would feel to see the change.  She struggled with change.  She lovely vintage pretty things but never could give up things.  I had to close my eyes to a lot of things and dump them.  We finallyhave access to the attic again.  It is packed packed but I have to admit I own quite a few things up there.  I was like O my went I climbed up the ladder and peeked in...  but it is the last of everything that has to be cleaned out hooorayyy!!!!   Soon everything will be empty..  soon yay...   I need a long vacation somewhere’s I wish I had the money to do that.  I haven't vacationed  in 20 plus years..  well wish me luck today that I survive 20 people or more running around mamas house doing 25 different things..  Got to go now they will be here soon don’t think I can go back to sleep...  its chilly this morning and cloudy hope it doesn’t rain...  Have a wonderful day ...🌷🍃💞. With Love Janice


  1. Hi dear Janice!Beautiful pics of the sky!I wish you good luck and a lovely day!Hugs.

  2. I hope you'll post pictures of the progress!

    That view is AMAZING.

  3. Oh Janice 20 people running and working round the house, I should be so nervous. But one thing is sure, when finished it will all look light and bright. Wish you good luck and we are looking forward to the progress.

  4. The two jars are absolutely beautiful and the pics of the sky are breathtaking

  5. Janice I am thrilled you have had some help getting work done. The jars are beautiful. Hope all goes well with clearing the attic, a major task.

  6. Trust me. Your mother is looking over your shoulder wondering why she didn't release all the "stuff" and just enjoy her life. Now you have an opportunity to do it for her! Celebrate.