Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mornin, Happy Wednesday..

*** One of my favorite Tea pots...It's one of my first Tea pots that I aquirred.. I love Roses anything.. ever since I could remember Roses have played a huge part in my world..  Today I wanted to share my new Tray with you.. I thought it was a better tray but it's not that great..but it's still a nice Bed Tray..

I guess what I mean is I thought it was better brand.. but it's still very sweet.. I threw a few things on so I could share with you today,.. I'd love to go home and have Sunday morning breakfast with my tray and go to Church in the afternoon.....

You know I love my Royal Albert American Beauty Tea cups...

My photos aren't so hot cause I was in a hurry just running in and out..  You have no clue how much I'm missing my home.. my garden just everything...

There we go I think this one is a little bit better..

Aren't these cute, my little pink Rose earrings... I found them at Walgreens.. you just never know what your going to find where..

I have to tell you I purchase these pieces from Facebook, from a woman online .. I'm hoping to use it to cover a lamp shade. for my bedroom.  I thought it was exciting because the woman lives in Ireland.. so these little treasures are coming all the way from there.. I'm excited.. maybe it sounds a little silly but for me not.. I have Irish in me my grandmother's Mother was from Ireland.. I wish I knew her.. for me this is like some kind of piece of Ireland that relates to my greatgrandmother..........

I almost forgot, I purchase this from my friend Kathleen on facebook .. it's so cute remind me of the Granny dishes..I put it in my bedroom.  Maybe to put Isaiah's photo in it..

I love this, I just want to whisper away.. among the flowers in the garden..
Wishing you all a great Wednesday.. I'm running home for a few minutes.. Really and truly wish I could stay             
                      .. with love Janice


  1. Hi Janice,
    Oh, what a pretty teapot and I adore American Beauty teacups and that china pattern in general. Your bed tray is really sweet too. Hope you soon find some time to relax and enjoy it.


  2. Thank you Sandi, I hope so to.