Thursday, July 18, 2013

Depression Glass.,

Helo everyone, I have been home very sick. finally today I'm feeling a little bit better.. Mom and I both caught the cold flu something boy and she was horribly sick I was so nerves.. It knocked us both down and I came to take care of her and got sick all over again and more... Not so good.. I took some photos of my changed table I decided to put up my pink depression glass ... Because my new Pink Pitcher and tumblers arrived. It's so beautiful I can't even explain it .. I'm so happy I purchased it..

This piece I aquirred from Dad's truck years ago with several other pieces but like a lot of things I have had it sitting up in the attic at Mom's... I'm thinking that there might have been the whole set but maybe we left them on the truck.. because I have this large bowl and two large platters and one small the sugar and creamer and one candy dish 8 salad plates, 8 cereal bowls, two tea cups and saucers a couple of bread plates and two small tumblers and one like large ice cream glass.. and 8 deserts cups and  maybe a couple more pieces.. I'm not sure some of it's still in the attic... going to check on it tomorrow...

The little tumbles are so sweet and delicate.. and my new ones i'm just in love with them... I paid for them quite a bit but I tell you I'd do it again.. I have always wanted something like this and I'm so please I got them I can't wait to use them I washed them up and put them on the dinning room table.. My love of depression glass I suppose came when I was around 13 I started cleaning house for a favor for my aunt who took care of the man that lived upstairs from her he owned the house.. Everything in his home was old he had lived there with his mom and she has passed o I don't quite remember when but I remember her always lifting the corner window shade up and waving at us children playing outside.. but it was like stepping back in time.......The house still have the gas line up across the ceilings .. but it had been changed to electric.. but it I assumed it was just the way his mother had left everything... The stove was an old green and tan wood burner.. it perfect condition.. the floor was black and green tiled squares, the little pantry was covered in dark wood and that was where the dishes stayed there were yellow glass ones and and pretty turquoise like greenish... and some deep purple pieces.. The living room had a beautiful wood table and chairs and a built in wood cabinet.. had a piano.. and other different chairs to the side.. and I think a buffet...........The living room had several antique pieces and the one thing I remember was the little tiny oval shape stool covered in a tapestry cover... so sweet I feel in love with it.. I was suppose to get it when he passed but my uncle new wife stole it .. but later I found one on Dad's truck.. but I often think of that one..the small fire place was cover in tiny bright green  tiles with a touch of brown and the wood around it was dark wood that was the only thing they kept from the house everything was changed.. but in my mine it remains the same... a dusty old back porch..  but that's where the love of depression glass started in that house............. and it grew and grew.. then dishes and everything antique came after..

My love of linens grew..................

How can you resist it... in person it's so so pretty... The pitcher is very large and the tumblers are large to...

I have a couple recipes to share with you that I made while I was home.. I made the best in my opinion chicken pot pie that I found in this magazine.. and I made a cheese cake It was pretty good it was the first time I ever made one and I haven't a clue why I never did...

  This were pretty easy to make I actually had fun making them... I decorated them with hearts...I will try and post the recipe soon.. so state tune..

                     Wishing you all a lovely day.................Happy Friday with love Janice.........

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  1. Your dishes are absolutely beautiful! And I am in love with your pretty linens :)

    o glad you are feeling better and I pray you are back to yourself in no time.

    Enjoy your weekend, my friend.

    Love and hugs!

  2. Good morning....I am just getting over this cold thing after 3 WEEKS! It's been horrible. I feel for you. Take care and get LOTS of rest.
    I love your pink Depression glass. I collected it when I was first married and it mixes well with pretty china teacups and such.
    Beautiful post my friend.
    Get well soon!

  3. Glad you are better! Your depression glass is lovely!

  4. Thank you very much ladies I'm feeling much better and so is Mom.

  5. Love your gorgeous depression glass! I have very few pieces and wish I could find more. You've made a beautiful table setting.

  6. Beautiful glass and a charming story to match. I'm glad you are feeling better.
    If you like glass you may want to check out my blog which is all about depression glas.

  7. What a wonderful sharing of glass and china. Your pictures are beautiful. Well done..