Monday, August 6, 2012

O good Morning to you......

Good morning my dear sweet friends, I just arrived at Mom's, she has a doctor's appointment today...Jesse pulled his shoulder so he is in pain...apparently he has two bad shoulders from playing football...terrible...He looked in so much pain yesterday...I felt bad cause I couldn't do anything...
Well I'm just sharing some random mosaic photos today that I had taken from my house....
It seems like we are going to have a warm day today..It's only 10am and it's very warm outside at Mom's house...I'm so so happy though those dirty people upstairs are just about moved out...I have caught three mice..had to buy some other traps...and I'm getting a new stove this Friday...It seems as if the mice had been going to the bathroom inside the when we turn the oven on it smells horrible...Thank goodness the Landlord agreed...YUKIE...for sure rite..
This is my Shade that I haven't found anyone to put up for me yet...I thought I had someone but now my daughter doesn't speak to them so that went out the window...Whats a girl to do...??? It was only 17 dollars with 30% off...I barely paid anything for it...It's so pretty..
So what are your plans today and this week...I'm just trying to focus on trying to get working to finish my clothes are in a bag well some of them...but my room feels upside down to me...and Jesse's things are still in his bags...NOT NICE...
Things seem so different now that Jesse is here...we seem to have much in common. Which is very nice. Part of me seems a little numb like...Not sure if that is the right word. Maybe it's like someone pinch me to see if it's real. Maybe that's it... I have been single for so long I almost had forgotten what it felt like to have a man inside my house. I like it, It's just strange in a way...It feels good to feel his arms around wake up to him next to me.. Have dinner with him. I don't feel alone anymore. Even with Vee there I felt so lost and alone...BUT, not anymore...
I'm very happy, even though a few adjustments are in line... I have been on my own for a long while and had gotten used to making my own decisions..So that will be an adjustment not difficult though...In one sense it will be nice to have someone in charge so to speak...I have been dealing with to much alone for to long and it was tearing me down. (Thank God for my life and Jesse coming to it)
Crocheting, I had to take out four rows of my green star doily I was so mad. I was putting on the edging when I realized that I had made a mistake and I'm not one for leaving them. I like everything to be perfect so I took it out and started again...four rows plus the edging...
So I'm back to here..darn could had been done and started something I put it down for a minute and started some embroidery I had been wanting to do...
It's just some Autumn Leaves ...I found this plack at the Goodwill I love the colors that are on it...browns...greens purples etc...I don't know what I have up in my mind for sure but something lol...will see..well my sweet friends...It's almost time to take Mom. So I wish you a most wonderful day today and a fantastic week...Not sure when I will be back...but soon...with much love Janice


  1. It's wonderful to know you're happy and in love :). Best wishes for the future!


  2. I received the pretty tea bag holders today and love them! I put 4 of my favorite Constant Comment tea bags in mine and have the other one ready as a gift for my daughter. I used to do arts and craft shows and I can see that these would be a best seller at them. Have you thought about doing some Fall shows? Anyway, thanks so much, Janice!

  3. Congratulations to you and your fiancee!

    Love the doilies! Hope you get your pretty shade hung soon!

  4. The lampshade if very pretty. It reminds me of the Tiffany lamp I have in our family room that my dad gave me years ago, but the colors are different.

    I'm so happy that you have found someone to share your life with. I married late in life and was single for a long time, so I know it must feel good not to be alone anymore.

    Anyway, you have a beautiful blog, and you sound like a delightful lady. So glad I found your blog today.

    Meet your newest friend and follower! :)


  5. So good that you and Jesse are happy together..........that's the way it should be! Love the pretty crochet and so excited that you are starting the embroidery!! Keep it up!