Sunday, November 4, 2018

Just A Visit ...

Hello my dear friends,
      I miss you all very much.  But life has delt me to many hard cards lately so to speak..  I’m still caring for the boys which has been difficult.  They have many melt downs and nightmares it has been so hard on them without their mommie.  Though now they visit with her twice a week and with their baby brother who is growing so fast.  Malachi is eight months now.  The good of it is that God gives me strength everyday to care for them.  And to be able to teach them about Him and our Savior Jesus Christ.  We pray together every night before bed and read a precious book about the bible.  Isaiah the about to be six is praying on his own now and on one visit with mom prayed over his mommie.  And the younger Leonel is coming along interrupting prayer  saying tell Him (God) about mommie and don’t forget Malachi..  God is working in them and me as well.  Mommie (my daughter) is doing great and we are praying that they allow to her at this time to take the youngest Malachi with her.  She has almost completed her program.

Here is Malachi... he is crawlin and has teeth and is sweet and shy...
My great grandson Daniel is still in the hospital and has had two operations and they the doctors are speaking of a third...  We have put it in the hands of the LORD...  
HE SPOKE Daniels name to me and He is a prophet..  so I know God will not go back on His word...
Here is baby Daniel...five months now... His 18 year old mommie spends every single day at the hospital read the story bible book playing singing etc..  She as well is trusting in the LORD...  
The LORD is are only hope for survival in this wicked world..  For ourselves and our children..  so many young children are on drugs and dying from them.  Its really so sad..  my daughter in law best friends son recently died at 17 from drugs and another boy after him and a young girl of 16 after that. It’s so very sad.  Give our children God so they know there is a hope and it is called Jesus Christ.  We havent done anything more with mamas house..  things have been to much, my brother also passed away behind alcohol.  He didn’t go back to drugs but he did go back to the alcohol and smoking..  that was in July at the end ... and thats a whole nother story...

I recently found this large on ebay for a decent price...  I always wanted a clear one.  Never knew a green glass existed.  Just in time for Christmas cookies..  I hope that all of you are doing well..  much love Janice..


  1. God bless you, Janice. I'm praying for you all.

  2. God bless you Janice. I wondered what had happened to you, I've been away for a while as well. I'm very sorry for all the tragedy you have been experiencing lately. Please post when you feel up to it, I always enjoy your posts. Praying :)

  3. So sorry to read about your troubles, you will be in my prayers. Take care.

  4. Happy to see a post from you today. I like your new treasures. The jar will make a great cookie jar. I will continue to say prayers for you and your family. Please post again when you feel up to it.

  5. Good to hear from you again Janice. Sorry you have had so much on you lately. Sounds like you are giving those sweet babies a good home. They will always appreciate that. That big old jar you found is so pretty! I love the old fashioned things.

  6. God bless you, Janice, as you love and care for those sweet boys. I have just prayed for you as you continue to do what you have been dealt.

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  8. God bless you,Janice!Your Grands are adorable...Take care of you too.Big hug.