Wednesday, January 29, 2014

With hearts...and much love...

Good Afternoon .. I found a new little tea cup .. guess where ????  did you guess.. Well let me tell you..
   At Ross store... isn't it just so cute.  Well I really like it.. I found it a   couple weeks ago..

And I found a sweet candle pink..

And these lovely lace sachets I been collecting for years I just love them...

All found in different places at different times..

I have a few more put away...

                             Enjoy the rest of your week..
                                                            with Love Janice


  1. Oh Janice, I saw this tea cup at Ross and wanted to get it but I didn't cause I thought it was a bit too small, but now I wish I did. It's perfect for Valentine's Day. It looks so cute with the saucer. I hope all is well with you, dear.


  2. How lovely Janice. I would have fallen in love with it too. How appropriate for St Valentines Day too. xx

  3. I love your new teacup, Janice, I too love to shop at Ross, you can find great things there at reasonable prices.

  4. What a lovely pink post! The new tea cup is very sweet and it's perfect for Valentine' s day

  5. Hello Janice....I think your finds are just lovely,and the sweet little planter in your previous post as well...I did a bit of thrifting today myself...didn't buy to much,but its always a pleasure looking :) Blessings dear friend

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  7. ok had some cliches on blogger hope the picture shows ...want to comment more frecuently but you never respond...praying your doing well...soraya