Monday, October 14, 2013

Just a helo

Good Afternoon, I have been away for a while.. I had a disagreement with Mom and family members. I'm here today on a visit. I don't have a computer at the moment at home. So my only means of writitng my blog was when I was here at Mom's.  I hope everyone in blog land has been doing well.. Not sure when I will be back to visit and write more post. .. Im in the process of selling my car. I'm not really sure how often I want to be here but It won't be full time for sure and no more spending the night. I wasn't appreciated in anything that I did so won't do it any longer.  Just wanted to say helo and let you know kind of .. whats going on.. Blessings to you all with love Janice....


  1. Someone higher appreciates you and loves you. Take it to your Heavenly Father...He cares.

  2. Oh dear friend, I certainly appreciate you and miss your lovely lovely blog posts! I hope you won't be away too long.
    Family...we all have issues and problems. I have had more than I care to admit. You just have to face each day. I will keep you in my prayers.
    I care for you very much.