Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Fairy the sun settle's

Good Afternoon my sweet friends, It's been a long morning. I hope that you all are doing well. It's been warm weather here in San Francisco the last several days...Last nite I didn't sleep to well....but here I'am. 
Yesterday we ran around doing errands and we stopped at Lowes, and we also went to the Dollar Tree store. A new one in our area, matter of fact it was where the Savers second hand store used to be.  At Lowes I found these sweet fall pansy's and some beautiful Mums...the Mums were only 1.49 couldn't believe it.....and it got dark before I finished planting them and was able to take a photo..but here are my Fairy garden photos...
This adorable little pumpkin I found at the Dollar Tree..and I'm thinking since I only got one. I'm going back to buy a couple more for the garden cause I love them so much....they had different ones.
 so I changed the location of the Fairy garden to a new place closer to the house next to the solar lights...The sun was starting to can see the glare on the photo...It was so wonderful in the garden yesterday evening.....I want to thank all of you for you sweet and lovely comments....They are my inspiration to keep going..I love having my blog and all of you to share things with...and I love love visiting everyones blogs...I wish you a lovely Wednesday afternoon....I will show you my Mums later...bye for now with love Janice


  1. pretty little fairy garden! Pansies are so pretty, aren't they?

  2. Such a pretty fairly garden! Everything is so pretty!

  3. What a beautiful little garden! So impressive!

  4. Hi,
    that looks wonderful !! I love pansies too. They come in so many wonderful colours. Your fairy garden looks very beautiful.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. What an absolutely beautiful blog you have! Your crochet work is divine. I love the idea of putting the finished rosettes on the border of towels. Thank you so much for stopping to visit me at Creative Breathing and leaving a comment. Very kind of you. Elizabeth