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" I have a huge love of Victorian things, Lace, Depression Glass etc...I adore anything Roses and I love My Garden... I also love things From the fifties I just seem to have a love of all vintage things... I'm getting ready to start a new phase in my life ...And that's Moving into My Mama house. But it needs much work done before that can happen so I'm now spending my days cleaning and cleaning.. So bare with me as I go through this new phase in my life... Take the steps with me as I go down a new road to my new future " It's a way to express myself and share with you all..
with love Janice
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Thursday, October 30, 2014

One Of My Favorite Things...

~ * ` Helo my dearest friends, I know I have been missing in action for a short while.  Been so busy trying to do Sidewalk sales make a little extra something to help pay some things are here at Mama's house. It's not easy running two house holds with no real income. But at any rate I have missed you all very much, your visits that is and my visits to your blogs. I have had my Grandchild sick with a enormously high fever 105.9  to be exsact Not fun three days in the emergency finally the last Dr. had enough brains to realize that the fever was way to high and not going away.. duh.. People uncluding Dr. etc.. just seem to be stuck on DUM... What is this world coming to.. well anyway's Isaiah is better his white cells were way to high. And now little Leo is sick was in the emergency with him middle of the morning. 3am. so that's my recent dilema.
The cute things in my Opinion are my new Old duck butter dish that I can't believe I found.. I have a huge fondness of ducks. I think it has something to do with my oldest brother when I was young he stole a baby duck and brought it home to me.. Course it died four days later cause it needed his mama.. poor baby.

This is an old pattern which Idk I really like it.. I think it's somewhere maybe the 1990's  It's called Baker Hart & Stuart never knew that cause there is not a name on any of the pieces I have..

I have a canister set and a cookie jar. A large platter and one small dish and a creamer.. In all the junking days with Mama I never saw anymore than that.. O and a utensil holder and a set of spice jars.  Recently I searched online Ebay & Esty shop.. and I found this butter dish.. I was so happy cause Isaiah broke my vintage blue butter dish.. So It's just a replacement and a good one for me. I love it.. So with more searching I found some other Items but hopefully they will stick around till i have some extra monies.. Money is always a issue.. Gee..

The long Duck piece I just found at a second hand store.. I have a lot of ceramic ducks and duck this and thats glass canister glasses etc.. I can't get rid of them so they just seem to fit in anyways with my Blue & White. I have two sets of duck dishes, one being my first second set of dishes in my life.. I collected from Safeway. When you bought a certain amount of groceries, you got the pieces cheaper.. I think I was in my late 20's..

The other set is called Marmalade which Sears had them but I could never afford them with four children at the time.. so over the years I have found the pieces at the Goodwill etc.. and now have a complete set of them. I have also found there are more things that go to these dishes but I don't need those pieces..I rather have these I love this pattern.. so if you see dishes in this pattern let a girl know lol... Well Ladies and Gents I'm off and running Leo said he doesn't want to be at big grandma's house cause his teeth are bothering him lol.. That's my youngest grandchild.. Have a wonderful Day and be back soon and I hope to visit with all of you..
With Love Janice

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

~ * It's on it's way... Hooray....

~ * ` I really just had to show you... I'm so so very excited.  I have been looking for a nice Tea set with Pink and finally I have found one.. It's on it's way to my house.  The moment I saw it I knew I had to have it.  The price was a bit high but I asked the woman would she be willing to lower it a bit.. And guess what she did just that.  She gave me a 20 percent discount.. Now I say what more could ya ask for... Here let me show you what it looks like...

Just what do you think of this...
I'm totally in love with it...
A pretty complete set
Tea pot, large serving plate, Five tea cups and saucers, and five luncheon plates and sugar bowl
and creamer.  It maybe should have had a sixth tea cup and saucer or but believe me I don't mind
at all.. 
I already have a six piece set of square plates that I can also use with this. they have the same wide Pink band around the outside and the flower in the middle.
It's called I believe Royal Staffordshire from England

by the way these are the photos from Ebay... 
I borrowed them...

I think the flower patterns are different on some of the pieces
but I truly don't mind they are very close 
Just love it..
Couldn't be more happier.. 

~ * ` Happy Tuesday ` * ~
with Love