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Hello everyone... This is my place to share all that I love with you.. I'm very vintage and cottage. I love everything old... My favorite era is the Victorian Era... Just looking for some special Kindred Spirits to share my life with.....
So join me won't you..
O and don't forget to bring your favorite cup for tea
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Thursday, July 2, 2015

My baby doll...

Once Upon a time, once when I was a little girl I don't quite remember why and I don't remember 
where my Mama was...
But for some reason I went into her room and opened the closet ...
I went back into the kitchen and got a chair
to climb on..
and when I was looking in there I found two lovely dolls in the package like 
they were new..
I had wondered why Mama never gave them to me..
So of course I took them down and opened them up not knowing if I was suppose to...
but I did anyways..
Mama didn't get mad though, she just said she didn't know why she didn't give them to me
I believe my Grandmother had bought them for me..
Maybe I was too young and Mama waited for them to be with me later...
I remember the other one as well she was much smaller with reddish hair
but she got ruined with ink.. 
Someone other than me wrote on her face..
but this one I kept all these years.. 
She's been sitting in storage and now she can come out.. 
She herself is still in very good condition... minus
her clothing 
Back then she was dressed in Pj outfit.. a robe and pants.. with white shoes..
which I still have the bottoms and shoes..
the robe got ruin by battery acid.. 
So this outfit that's she is wearing is from 
a porcelain doll that had a broken foot that I had saved forever...
I found it all while I was cleaning out the bins
from the rest of the stuff from my storage..that was sitting in Mama's room
so I gave up the sweet broken doll and took her outfit for my baby..
I washed her hair and gave her a bath.. her hair was course so Vee said lets put this special conditioner in it 
and it helped it a whole bunch.. some experience..
some 50 years later giving my baby doll a bath combing her hair..
Getting her all dressed up in a new outfit..
I love her sweet face... Tiny nose and lips.. her pretty eyes..
We went out to visit the Garden..
and take photos...
We picked some Queen Anne's Lace for you
with some Purple daisy like flowers..
I hope that you like them and me..
I don't have a name for her.. I don't remember ever naming her
Suggestions.. Please..  
p.s.  It's been a hectic passed couple of weeks.. 
My oldest daughter tried to commit suicide and she almost succeeded ...
Good thing I had called her.. 
I knew something was wrong when she spoke to me..
but thank God she told me what she had done..She took over 20 pills.. 
that your only suppose to take one every 8 hours..
I had to send a 911 call to their from here.. 
All four of her children were home.. then would have been torn to pieces
if she had died specially there in the house..
they took her to the hospital and released her the next day.. go figure..
She is doing well now and realizes that she never will do that again
well I hope not..I pray not..She 
said when she seen and heard all the other people who are 
really crazy from drugs and other issues.. she said o no this is not the place 
for me..
but I pray she never goes back to that dark place again..
Thank God he aloud her to wake up..
She has panic disorder like me.. It's very tough to live with
specially the first several years which is where she is at.. With no help for her children
 and a jerk of a dad for the kids..
She had to quite her job she couldn't work no more and she's been hanging on the limb 
for months now but she kept telling me let me wait till the kids school is finished
but in the mean time she was going crazy with all the stress and down stairs lives the 
kids dads family and they just were giving her a hard time.
long story...
So on top of all the rest I'm stressed to the max.. with not much help either.. 
So my dearest blogger friends please send prayer for us to become ok
I wish you all a wonderful loving Friday and weekend to come..
with love
Thank you for your support and love 
and sweet comments
p.s.s. I'm also sorry I can't always visit all the time..

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Not a Garden Tea Party...

` ~ * Nope no Garden Tea Party... 
not even tea in the Garden...
Today I really wished the sun came out and my Garden is all clean.. and I wanted 
to have lunch in the Garden.  But I had to run off.. 
All I got was some Garden pictures...
Finally Zucchini's are coming about...
The Apples are coming as well.. can't wait to make Apple Pie..
Lemon Cucumbers... 
New small Garden Swiss Chard, Carrots, Little Lettuce, Green Onions multi colored Radish's...
Little Red pot Garden in the Back with the Fairy Garden...
 The Fairy Garden is doing well... 
I put the Large Frog to watch over.. 
A new Herb Garden Basket...
The African Queen Anne's Lace is finally making blooms.. But it's grown very tall 
Was so excited the other one is much shorter and has a couple tiny blooms on it..
It's just crazy tall... 
Mr. Turtle......
A new Fushcia plant.. 
I really like them.. Later when I moved to Mama's house I want a pretty pink hanging one...
Well think that's all I have been cleaning like a mad woman and 
I'm tired out.. 
Have a blessed evening 
with love