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Me & my Sweetpea, we love our Vintage Victorian Home.. We have collected many things: Depression Glass,Pink&Blue and some Green,Much Lace, Doilies and Linens with Embroidery and crocheted edgings on them.. Everything we own is basically vintage.. We love reading Victoria Magazine and Martha and Romantic Homes,they are our Favorites! We are looking for Kindred Spirits to join us and share our daily life with.. We enjoy the Garden as well and love to Cook & Bake.. Thank you for your sweet visits and comments..O If you like to join us, It's over to the right of the page along with my button, feel free to grab it. . Pull up a chair and a nice cup of Tea and hang out for a few minutes...
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Old Silver...

~ * I thought I'd try and get off the subject... and write about something else today.. I have had this little piece for ever.. It's so old the silver is waring off.. but It can still shine up.. And of course found it on Dad's truck... Years ago.. and have always had it on my dresser.. the top piece is a newer old little trinket box, with a purple stone which I believe to be an Amethyst.. with black Onyx..

Another little favorite of mine.......I found this a long time ago.. I thought it was the sweetest little comb.. with a cover I thought it was amazing....

So sweet glass with silver...

All my favorite pieces.. found at different times.................

With Love XoxO, Janice =)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Checkin in....

*~ ` ( Good Evening... Yes I have been so busy with Mom's arrangements the burrial etc... It's done and over with and I have barely had time to Grieve about it.. There is so much to be done.. Tons of cleaning upstairs and down stairs is packed to the brim.. well we have gotten two loads out.. Thank God.. a friend has a huge dump truck that we can use.. and he is taking Mom's older car for the dumping fee's. I also have the huge storage to clean out as well and there is a dead line to meet... 

God is so good .. Mom's house is just a huge mess she never ever took care of it.. But the location is one of the best in the San Francisco area.. I hope and pray God continues to help me through.. I miss my Mama and have thought to many times to call her but I can't no more... I knew I would miss her from way before when the dr. told me she was dying... My mind went through so many things.. over and over.. as now.. but I'm so grateful she is not suffering.. She was in so much pain special the last days.. I felt so bad for my Mama I couldn't do anything to relief her.. finally they gave stronger meds.. and when she passed it was peacefully..
Me and my son was with her when she took her last breath.. It was a strange thing to watch.. Now trying to move forward is hard and trying to act like I'm okay is another story.. like I said in the beginning I haven't had time to greive about it.. maybe in the future.. though I have had moments of tears I just don't know.. Well I just wanted to give an update I will be busy for a while now cleaning .. and cleaning and cleaning.. I will stop in here and there..

with much love

Monday, March 17, 2014

My Mama's   ... Funeral...

Wednesday: Olivet Cemetary, Colma Ca.  @ 1 p.m

Friday, March 14, 2014


* ` ~ My dear Mama has left us this morning 3:48 am... Born June 1, 1935   I already miss you mama... May you R.I.P. ................... * ` ~..

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Feel like Pink Roses today........... *

*`~`*`~`  - I just adore these tennis shoes.... I'd love to have a pair but I haven't a clue as where to find a pair... but I'd be in heaven walking around in them.. It's a blustery Morning here in San Francisco.. the wind is blowing like mad.. Mom didn't sleep to good she has a swollen knee and is having extreme pain...I have given her pain meds but in between she has been moaning in her sleep poor baby.. i feel so bad for her...*

I'm very tired today but I'm trying to make the most of it.. To night I will leave for a 24 hr. break which I'm in much need of................. *

Isn't this a pretty Rose tea cup.................. *

I can't wait to go home see my Roses in my bedroom and my new old dresser my sweetpea and my garden and My new Tea pot is awaiting me.. O and I should have a Rose banner on the way.. maybe it will arrive too.............. *

 * ` One day I'm going to make one of these.. it's been a long desire of mine... It's so beautiful.......
O and I decided when I recieve Mom's house and I have enough monies, I will paint it Pink & White just like this ................ *
Then we will put a large Pink Pot maybe like the one I seen at the Nursery with some baby pink Roses........that climb...

                * ` ~ * ` Happy Tuesday
                       with Love Janice be back soon................* ` ~ ` ` *