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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Green Gate and Me... *`~

* ~` The most wonderful pattern of things, well least in my Opinion... I have been wanting this stuff for quite some time now.. finally I have found a way to get me I love it to death.. O yes I'm still very much sick but feeling better finally.. And I pray I don't get a relapse I have had two.. With the babies getting sick we have been passing it back and forth.. But let me tell you I'm way over being sick.. Tired of it... Sick of it Done I tell you done.. Well, anyways, back to the Green Gate.. It wasn't cheap at the least but I did it anyway's it had to come from the UK.... and shipping was just silly.. but I don't care I'm so content with having it I'm down right thrilled !!!!

Sadly though my Beautiful Teapot arrived broke. The Handle just broke into tiny pieces besides one big piece.. They told me to throw it out and they are sending a new one.. but I glued a pink crocheted Rose on the place where the handle should have been.. and I'm going to crochet more and glued then all down that area and keep it for a flower pot, center piece.. It's so sweet to hard to throw in the trash..

The Sugar Bowl.. and polka dot plates.. I was suppose to receive some other plates with a different pattern and they made a  mistake and sent me some plates with navy blue stars so the others as well are on their way with my Teapot.. I forgot to order the spoon but I will do that later..

Latte cups which I was suppose to get some other glasses but they were out of stock.. so I ended getting these which I was going to eventually get anyhow.. so Okay..

They have many different colors ... they have this grey and white which I really like as well but this is my favorite..

 It will be just perfect for Spring don't you think so... I have been admiring this for I bet at least two years and with Mama's help I'm able to buy a few pieces... So exciting ...

Adorable Egg cups and a small little pitcher with polka dots.. they had the flower one too but for now I wanted this one..

Adorable Napkins or for the Bread basket..

All together now.. It's written in Spring all over ...

Green Gate and me......................

ps.. Be Back soon..
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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Just Sick........

just wanted to pop in and let you all know I'm sick.. Like the third time in a row.  This time some flu but it kicked up my Asthma today I went back to the emergency they gave me a Asthma treatment and some Steriods.  Well I guess, I'm really over this being sick thing.  So I hope the Steriods  help me.  Well I suppose I will find out.  I hope you are all doing well and are not having the flu or any other ugly bugs so to speak.

Some new pretties, when I'm feeling better I will show you some new things
See you soon