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Hello everyone... This is my place to share all that I love with you.. I'm very vintage and cottage. I love everything old... My favorite era is the Victorian Era... Just looking for some special Kindred Spirits to share my life with.....
So join me won't you..
O and don't forget to bring your favorite cup for tea
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Friday, July 31, 2015

Not to much gibber.. Just a Teapot and such..

Johnston Bros... Windsor Ware 
I love this to much.. 
Windsor Ware 
This pattern is the one I love the most.. A few years back when I first started blogging 
I saw this on a blog and I fell deeply in love...
They are not available much.. I just happen to stumble across them on line months back..
The teapot is a different pattern but they still look great together..
I'd have to say they are rare pieces..
I'm hoping that one day I will find the real teapot and some teacups..
I have these square plates and some bowls
All separate buys.. I first obtained the Teapot, Then the square plates
Later the bowls...
I was shocked when I saw them online.. the price was good at that..
I adore the spring flower pattern and the Aqua ribbed rims 
They just seem so elegant I know I like to say every time
I can see the ladies coming over for tea in their fancy dresses and hats
I just love them...
...Sweet flowers from the Garden next door peeping over the fence into my Garden... 
Purple bells and I believe Iris.. 
and Ivy along the fence...
Hopefully one day in the future...
I can use all my things the way I have figured in my head
at Mama's place..
And I think I have decided when the time comes to paint 
the house a pretty Yellow with White trims 
with a Aqua Turquoise as high lights
There is a house close to Mama's those colors and I have always
admired it
Maybe one day soon I can take a photo and show you
It kind of reminds me of these plates...

Happy Weekend with 
ps... look at this piece.. 
(not mine)
pss... I'm sorry if I haven't visit you
but I will try to get by soon..

Monday, July 27, 2015

Beautiful Day...

Such a beautiful day today in San Francisco.. 
Love when I can hang out my laundry in the Sunshine...
I love my new India Mint... It smells so good and It's beautiful in a basket... I made a 
Hanging Herb Basket... with Thyme and Oregano Parsley
and the India Mint..
 The last of the African Queen's Lace... I so enjoyed it
it's the first time I grew it...

My Pansy's are still growing in the pot all the other ones except for one patch have 
twiddle down to nothings..
New plants...
These are so sweet.  I love these Daisy's ...
New Zucchini coming...
New Lettuce and Swiss Chard Basil and Gr. Onions...

These grew through the fence to my Garden..
I hope I get them before the birds
Have a wonderful blessed week
with love